About Darby


My name is Darby Moore and I am a Florida native with a passion for journalism, documentary production, photography and graphic design. I have received my B.A. in journalism and graphic design from Flagler College and have been afforded several opportunities for internships and part-time work in the field along the way. 

Currently, I am interning as a graphic designer for Hybrid Design Studios where I am responsible for creating successful designs both through personal research and through communication with creative team members and clients. This is but one of my various internships focused on the areas of design, writing, marketing, production and more. 

The most valuable aspect of experiencing a wide range of internships through my time spent at Flagler College is the opportunity to build a multi-media approach to reporting and storytelling. I thrive working both individually and collaboratively to effectively communicate a message to a consumer, through the use of copy, photography, video, design and more.