This is the story of Kathy Novak, an incredible woman who changed her life through diet, exercise and personal emotional growth. This piece was shot using a Canon 6D, as well as a Canon XA30. 
I shot all material for the piece, conducted all interviews, scripted and edited the work. This piece has been viewed on Vimeo over 2,200 times. 


This piece provides viewers with a look into the world of custom surfboard building. An industry threatened by large corporate competition and dwindling resources, hand shaped surfboards hold a place in the hearts of shapers and surfers alike. This story is told by an expert shaper, a novice shaper and a surfer that surfs these hand shaped watercraft. 


This is the story of Breck Slaughter and the beachside billboard business that he has created. Although Slaughter has special needs, he has found a way to earn money and find his purpose by advertising for businesses while riding his bicycle. I shot all material for this piece on a Canon 6D and a Canon XA30. I also conducted all interviews, scripted, and edited the piece. 


Tattooing is a male dominated industry that can be difficult for women to break into and gain respect in. This piece was shot on a Canon 6D and a Canon XA30 and follows the careers of both novice and expert tattooers.